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My Tricycle


I got my blue tricycle when I was about 4 years old. I can’t remember how I used it from the time I got it but the day I remember using it and really loving it was on 5th September 1987. This was the day we moved house from the major ghetto to the mini ghetto. Skinny was a few months old, Hipilicious was about 5 years old and I was 7 years old. Mrs. Adrian had requested Mr. Adrian to get a truck for us to move stuff from our old house to the new house. He had gotten the money and disappeared so Mrs. Adrian had to request her friend to assist with the moving of goods. Since the friend came with his pick up, we had to do about 5 trips and the moving was going to take longer than expected.

For this reason, Mrs. Adrian gave me my tricycle and asked me to get busy. There were very few cars on our roads then and therefore I went to the main road and kept on riding my tricycle up and down our street. People kept on stopping me and asking me where we were moving out to and my permanent response was ‘Out of the Eastside, into the Westside, bye bye ghetto‘ or something close to that! ­čÖé

My tricycle and I really bonded on that day. And I came to love it even more. But this love died as soon as we moved to the ‘Westside’ where people had bicycles!!! BMX! Two wheelers. And they laughed that my knees had to bend at a certain angle to ride the tricycle. ‘You need to get a bicycle’, they all kept on saying. But Mrs. Adrian would hear none of that. And she refused to buy a bicycle for┬áme .

So I couldn’t continue going out with my tricycle. I had to keep it in the house and would ┬áride it in the backyard which was not so huge. At some point, my knees could no longer bend at an angle condusive for me to ride it so I had to retire it and keep it aside. In the spirit of sharing, Mrs. Adrian asked Hipilicious to use it (there was nothing like buying new stuff when something else was already in use….) and Hipilicious would hear none of it. She had learnt the art of asking for bike rides from our other neighbours and the poor fashionista would not be seen dead riding a TRICYCLE!

That tricycle was eventually retired under my bed. All new cleaning ladies (they were all live -in’s) ┬áhad to be trained in the art of moving the tricyle aside (slowly) when cleaning under the bed. The tricylcle had to be preserved. Everytime we did ‘spring cleaning’ there were strict instructions that no one should touch the tricycle. We had this lady who lived with us for about 10 years. One day, I came back from work and found that my tricycle was placed on the same pile as COMMON trash. She couldn’t believe the wrath that was poured out on her. I was so upset, I think I may have cried. Her reasoning was that since the tricylce didn’t have one wheel, she thought it was now useless.


I found it with one wheel missing…


Yes, but……

Yes, but NOTHING. When I come back from work tomorrow I want to find my tricycle with three wheels under my bed. Otherwise, someone is going to be in REAL trouble.

She couldn’t find the wheel.

When I was moving out of Mrs. Adrian’s house, I remembered to look under my bed to get my tricycle. Shock on me! It wasn’t there. When I asked Mrs. Adrian, she said that she thought that maybe it was in the larger store so the next time it was going to be cleaned out and they got it, they would call me to go get it. I am still waiting for that phone call.

I wonder where my blue tricycle is.