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Thanksgiving at the Adrians!


This is thanksgiving week at the Adrian’s household. Not because of thanksgiving weekend but because:

1. God has been so faithful to the Adrians. He is so AMAZING.

2. Mrs. Adrian went to India for medical treatment and came back safely.

3. The doctors in India were excited about her type of cancer because it is a slow growing one.

4. Mrs. Adrian is not in as much pain as before but the pain is now more spread out in her body.

5. She survived 7 weeks with Hipilicious. This by itself is a reason to hold a thanksgiving service. 🙂

6. Mrs. Adrian went back to work on Monday, 1st December. And everyone keeps on thinking that she is kidding about being currently a chemotherapy patient.

7. God provided ALL the finances required for the medical trip. We had no IDEA how expensive it gets. And we are thanking God in advance for provision for the second trip back to India happening in 2 months.

8. We are surrounded by an awesome network of believers, friends and relatives. We got so many texts, mails, calls, hugs, etc. People kept on checking up on Mrs. Adrian all the time. You have no idea how these moments turned out to be turning points in this journey. May God bless His people.

9. Would you believe it, Mrs. Adrian has not had any seriously adverse reactions to the chemotherapy. Of course there have been the usual reactions – sores, fatigue, pain, etc but nothing so serious that she couldn’t walk into a mall if she needed to shop! Thank you Jesus!

10. We have not come to FROG. Fully Rely On God. He answers prayers, yes He does.

Give thanks for the Lord is good, His mercies endure forever!