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2017…… Meh WooHoo Meh WooHoo etc you get the drift….


I have really neglected this space. I have so many words and so little time to put these words down. In a coherent manner.

There are 3 more months to the end of 2017. Time has just flown by, even when it has been dragging. So many things have changed while life has remained pretty constant.

Let me try to summarize 2017 so far:

  1. God has been good! There has been provision for every area of my life. Even when I threw myself into some random person’s office and started wailing like a banshee because Mrs. Adrian’s insurance had refused to pay her hospital bills when this had gone up to about Kshs. 1.3 million and I was scared that she’d be detained in India and be one of those news items…. God was still good, because He came through. If He hadn’t He’d still have been good.
  2. A book changed my life. That is so cliché. But read The Shack and tell me that I am being ridiculous. I am currently re-reading it and I am still in awe.
  3. I haven’t travelled as much as I’d have wanted – this thing called money that is required for transport, accommodation, etc, I need a sponsor. All the same, I thank God for the new places I’ve visited this year. Especially New Orleans with Hipilicious. That was the MOST fun I’ve had in a long time. I need to blog about how that was such an eye-opening trip for me.
  4. I’m back to making my bed every single morning. This is a major *major* testimony. It has been 3 weeks, but so far so good. Even if I am having a lazy day, I make my bed then go back in – point of making my bed made.
  5. I thought I had cancer due to the continued numbness on my face, soreness of my throat, pain in my jaw, tingling on my lips and headache. Just to realise that the Kenyan doctors I met and countless others (except my friend Faith 🙂 and Dr. IMO and Dr. Nas) are CRAP and couldn’t diagnose sinuses problems if they stuck their heads in my mouth and the cheap make up I bought early this year is also CRAP since it was destroying my lips.
  6. Let’s not even talk about this. Njenva is just not serious.
  7. Things that make me happy nowadays.
    • Batdad vines- especially this one about the pillowcase.
    • Njugush on Instagram – Yohanna and Jason Geruro – God bless Njugush
    • Nail Sunny on Instagram – my nails got destroyed by acrylics that were a bit too heavy so I am living vicariously through other peoples’ nails….
    • Mrs. Adrian racing me up the stairs
    • Cheese sandwiches – for real. I never used to eat cheese, I’d only have it on pizza.

Some Pics from India

Humayun’s Tomb – thankfully not just one person is buried in this expansive palace.

An art display at the Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi

A tree smack right in the middle of Delhi. Delhi is very green, something I found very weird. I thought it would look like Mombasa

Water fountain near the Prime Ministers office

India Gate – a war memorial like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. I hadn’t realised the similarity until Mrs. Adrian said “Ni kama ile ya chomps chomps” 🙂 She meant Champs-Élysées…..

Qutub Minar – the tallest brick miranet in all of India.