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What is LOVE?


Mrs. Adrian, Hipilicious, Skinny and I (essentially, our entire family!)  hold monthly prayer meetings. We decide on a venue, meet and discuss how the month has been, our successes and our failures, distribute prayer requests, pray together, exchange gifts then have a meal. For more than half of the family, the highlight of each prayer day is the gifts part. The gifts have been as random as you can imagine. One day I should write about the kind of presents Mrs. Adrian has given people for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, etc. None of her gifts shock us anymore.

Anyway, so during June’s prayer day we started bickering as usual about this or that during our meeting. Anyone who knows us knows that we can get loud and treat each other with a ‘no holds barred’ policy. Anything goes. We say anything. To anyone. I am mostly accused of being mean and nasty but I guess it is some form of defence mechanism….. We tell each other as it is. Good thing is that after you stop hurting, you ruminate over the words that were spoken and realise that much of what was said is true and you start working on improving yourself.

These prayer meetings are different from what we call ‘ DISSECTION‘. Where everyone gets feedback from everyone on their behaviour. These ones usually require that you eat a very heavy meal before because your adrenaline will be on a high just to make sure that you don’t collapse from all the feedback that you will be getting. The dissection can be brutal. I can only remember 2 dissection sessions from last year. During the first one, we couldn’t really finish because Mrs. Adrian was crying – we had given her TOO much feedback. The second one was in October when we went to one of my favourite spots in Kenya and we made the mistake of having the dissection during the first day we were there. Hipilicious didn’t speak to anyone of us after that and we were there for 2 nights! After that, I said that if there will be another dissection meeting, I will make sure that I will not be there because going with the trend, either Skinny or I will be crying and I can see the dice rolling towards my side…..

Anyway, back to the June meeting, Mrs. Adrian was upset with our bickering and attacking each other and fighting and (what is the English word for chokozanaring?!) So yeah, we all got an assignment that is due during our next meeting.  To find out what our understanding of love is and how it applies to us as a family. I have really tried thinking what this could be. I know I love Mrs. Adrian, Hipilicious and Skinny, and I also know that I love Cecelia (my best friend) and GIGs and JINK and many other people. But how I demonstrate my love to all these groups of people is as different as the individuals represented. So back to my assignment to find out the meaning of love.