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My top 5 Kenyan Music Videos


In reverse order…….

5. MC Dice ft. Joan  – So Amazing 

4. Qqu – Alive

3. Cabassa ft. Crystal Fabulous, Tickie Tah – Liar (Couldn’t find a clearer copy! And no, I am not a liar! 🙂 )

2. Kris Ehh Baba ft. Mutua – Katikia Yesu

1. Gideon’s Army – Warn Dem

This has been my favourite Kenyan song for over 5 years. As in really, I need a new hit. I know ALL the words and I scream them out everytime the song is played. It was the only song that I played in my car for about 3 months non stop and I still can’t get enough of it. I once went to a concert where the entire Gideon’s Army was present and they performed this song. The kids in the row infront of me stopped looking at the performance and were staring at me. I didn’t even care!!! I was too excited. And that was one of my most memorable times ever.

It is not coincidence that all the songs are gospel. I feel that the gospel industry in Kenya is setting the standards for the music industry as a whole in Kenya. Not to say that secular artists are doing nothing. Guys like Just a Band, Mejja and Camp Mulla (yeah, my friend Shish thinks I hate Camp Mulla) are doing a great job. But my heart is more inclined towards “Messengers of the Gospel”, so yeah that’s how the cookie crumbled!! And yes, I love ragga.