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I have noticed from my married friends that there are some unmet expectations after marriage.

The dudes imagine that the girl will never change:

* She will continue  putting on make up and will have perfect hair everytime they are together

* She will maintain that figure 8 shape that drew him to her

* She will allow him to continue partying with his boys every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

* She will cook for him and serve him food everyday

And the girls assume that the dude will change:

* He will become more sensitive to her needs seeing as husbands have a ‘sensitivity’ button they can press….

* He will stop his partying habits

* He will become serious and start planning for their future – home, savings, children

* He will pay more attention to her and value her even more because she is his wife

* He will start cleaning up after himself or help around the house

Sorry to burst that bubble. But all the above will not happen. Unless it is an inborn trait like being sensitive for a dude or a girl whose family genes predetermine and confirm that your figure 8 shape will stay put even after 4 babies. 

Manage your expectations and live a happy life.

Marriage Proposal?

Marriage Proposal?

I am not a marriage / relationship expert by any means. These are just my thoughts and deductions from what I have seen.