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I am not writing a post today! :-)


I am tired!!

I have slept on the same bed with Mrs. Adrian and I didn’t get to sleep well and I am cranky. I am in training the whole week and all we are discussing is financial policies, economic trends and sociopolitical effects of WHATEVER. WHY!? Oh, why am I in this training? I am a RECRUITER! Sigh. Again, I am not writing today. Especially not about the white dude who was nearly lynched by the majority of the class who are African because of his ‘superiority complex’ and how he tried to upstage the lecturer. Or about the lady who has to make a point starting with ‘in my experience’ at the end of each slide that the lecturer projects. And I think so far he has done like 25 slides. Her voice is now irritating me. I am not writing today because I am battling this fierce headache that is threatening to turn my insides out. What does it feel like to have a migraine?

I have taken some medicines from Hipilicious’s room. I hope it wasn’t medicine for the thyroid, heart, liver, toes or anything else that she takes medicine for (no, she is not a geriatric). Does medicine that have paracetamol always mean that it is a pain killer? Why are our neighbours talking? Why must they call out to their kids? Why is that dog barking? Why are the cars that are moving have engines that have sound? Who gave children voices? Must they scream so? I am not writing today because I am cranky. I am tired! And for real, I am not writing today!