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Dear: Njenva


Dear Njenva,

1. Use paradoxical intention. It has worked since you read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning. It is an amazing technique. Now, FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!!

2. Stop staring at the hunk who is helping your Administrative Assistant with planning the office interior design.

3. Money is not everything. Remember that.

4. Not all men are scum of the earth. Look at your Nguruvati Grandpa, Uncle Good and Pappa. Those are amazing men of God!

5. Not all women are jealous, vindictive and gold diggers.

6. Friends in need are friends in deed. Words are overrated. Action matters.

7. You cook good food. Stop being so insecure about your experiments in the kitchen.

8. Please never forget that you are not perfect so don’t expect others to be either.

9. You need to lose weight. Get on with it and stop giving excuses. What will be the breaking point? A broken chair?

10. Congratulations. You can now go remove your braids. You have had them on for 7 weeks!