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… Who drive trucks on Mombasa Road and Waiyaki Way and expect to fit in spaces small enough to fit Vitz’s only

… Drivers who are bullies, most likely driving a bigger car than the selected victims’ car – tooting horns, dangerous overtaking, joining roads without due consideration and driving too close at a high speed.

… That are just waiting for an opportunity to rob innocent accident victims

… Who play loud music in their flats/apartments at 6.30am in the morning

… That cat call women especially when in a group but are like rained on cats when they are alone

… Actually all men that thrive in group mentality – stoning cars, robbery and being rowdy – while in the security of a crowd

… Gold diggers and gigilos who spoil the world for everyone else

… Those who use WhatsApp groups for things other than what it was intended for. If it is a party planning group why the heck do you bring up Jubilee or Brother Ocholla stories?

… Politicians (reminds me, I should blog about the 4Ps!)

… Online trolls and keyboard warriors who become experts in every single thing that becomes a headline in the world

… That confirm attendance to events and then just don’t show up. And worse, those who send a text 10 minutes before the actual start time to ask whether the event is still going to happen

… Who respond to all emails copying the entire world. How does copying the top brass get me to speed up government processes?

… Who don’t acknowledge the source of the information they have shared whether it is a picture or a piece of written information. In other words, thieves

… That have stopped learning, never change their opinions even with contrary evidence and aren’t interested in any one else’s opinion

… Who are always looking for shortcuts and get rich quickly schemes

Mrs. Adrian keeps saying that since I’ve never given birth I should never insult anyone’s child.

I’m sorry Ma, in this case I feel justified in calling out these morons.