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Songify That!


I have been on a critical path at work this entire week. In addition to that, I have had a very eventful week. All the same, I have taken time to enjoy the bits and pieces that were enjoyable. I haven’t had time to blog but I would like to share the following videos with you.

These are videos done by Songify, guys who turn news into autotune music. Very interesting and funny music, I must add. I have only included the links to the ‘songified’ versions, to make it more interesting, look for the original versions. You’ll be amazed, for real!

My current favourite: Gingers have soul

The first Songified video I watched. I laughed so hard – Bed Intruder Song. Didn’t know better was coming….

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That. I have put the link to both the original and the autotune version. Heard she is going to be a famous actress…..

The latest video from the Amanda Berry rescue witness report. It is a Dead Giveaway!

Which is your favourite?