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Life Updates


2018 is proving to be quite interesting. So much has happened and it is just mid March!

  1. My nails are falling off since I forgot to take my thyroid medicines. Ok, truth is I decided that I was healed and stopped taking my meds. Then I went hiking and thought I was dying for lack of energy. Then saw my nails falling off and connected the dots…. I’m back to taking thyroid meds but it takes about 3 months to kick in. I still feel very tired when I wake up and I’d rather just stare at my ceiling. Pinky swear, I will not do that again.
  2. Mrs. Adrian came back from India. More treatment was provided. This is the last round of PRRT and the doctors seem happy with the results so far. She is in pain sometimes but she has never missed a day of work if she isn’t admitted in hospital. So inspirational!
  3. I really loved Black Panther. I’ve watched it 5 times. And I plan to watch it 2 more times this week.
  4. I’m getting frustrated by this. I need to make a choice about whether I should just live with it, or leave this situation.
  5. My sweetie KYS has relocated again. I don’t know how many times she is going to do this to me. This time she has relocated to a city I’ve never been to so I am looking forward to visiting her.
  6. Social media is really annoying me. More and more I keep remembering that there are people living double lives – the social media one and the real life one. What’s upseting is the fact that friendships are also becoming social media weird, you know, the “we should meet up soon” and “let’s talk soon” etc that never happens. I want to go back to having phone booths as the only way to communicate with each other.
  7. First world problems – traffic jams, horrible internet connection and almonds shortage. Enough said.
  8. I want to try the “100 things challenge” starting in July 2018. I don’t want to count books as part of this but I think it is doable. In the meantime, will be de cluttering and getting myself ready, so help me God.
  9. How does one become good at managing finances? I need to figure out how to manage my coins, I am not good at this at all.
  10. I also need to figure out how to reset my sleeping schedule. This year, I have been sleeping from 2am to 8am and I don’t feel balanced at all. I really want a regular sleeping pattern, you know 10pm – 6am where I wake up feeling rested and ready to talk to people.