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The N.E.R.V.E.


So this person I used to work with ages ago – I’d even say nearly 10 years ago – reached out to me today.

I was an intern at the organisation where this person was employed as a manager. This manager didn’t know how to use messenger and MS-Word. So I’d do super basic stuff for them coz they didn’t know how, in addition to my job. I loved doing it, I won’t lie. Especially sinceĀ I got to peep at stuff that I wasn’t supposed to. And we haven’t connected since.

So anyhow, this person sends me a text today.

Njenva, I’m making a presentation and I need you to get me content on 1,2,3 and animate the presentation

This was the first thing I saw when I woke up. I usually wake up slowly. But when I saw that text, I woke up like it was midnight. Like the bed was on fire and Loki was standing there looking at me burn.

There MUST be another Njenva they knew and had sent it to the wrong person.

Then the phone calls started coming through. By the time I was done with taking a shower, they had called thrice. Plus another text message.

Please call back. This is urgent

The N.E.R.V.E.

Like time stood still and I was still standing where they left me 10 years ago, waiting with bated breath for instructions to prepare a presentation.

I’ve had like 3 phone numbers since then (TDS manenoz), how did they even get my number!?

So I responded to say that I no longer prepare animated presentations for people.

The response?

I understand that we all grow from places. Please just send me some presentations that I can use over the next 5 days

I am still staring at that text.