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Not Naming, But Shaming – Wall Clock


I don’t even have energy to write about how this one went. In a nutshell:

1. I asked for a red clock, I got a brown one

2. The clock isn’t even working. Hasn’t worked from the day I got it

3. The supplier (who I found via Facebook) has now become very popular and is on ‘suggested’ posts – poor unknowing FB users…..

4. The supplier told me, ‘ I am sorry, I cannot come to pick the clock seeing as I am going to meet newspaper guys and people from Rupu so you will have to wait till another another day’ when I told him that he needed to come back and get his spoilt clock.

5. He says he delivers clocks in 3 days, after hustling for mine, numerous calls, texts and even a Facebook message, I got my clock 2 weeks later.

6. He called on a Monday saying that he would collect the clock for repair the next Tuesday but on Tuesday he was caught up in ‘very important meetings’ and couldn’t collect the clock so he postponed to Wednesday. Yeah. Wednesday just came and passed without any communication from him.

7. He kept on calling and rambling about his supplier who had done I don’t know what…… I was not interested in the supplier. I was interested in getting a clock.

Beware! 🙂