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Last Weekend…..


This past weekend had extreme high and extreme low moments. Shish (she of GIGs fame) told me to stop using the words, ‘ I am so depressed‘ but wow, this weekend I nearly used that sentence for real.

1. I visited the most desolate, heart wrenching, tear jerking and faith inspiring orphan children’s home in Zimmerman. I am still traumatised by this visit and very confused about what to do.

2. My 10 year crush came to a screeching END.  He is just not that into me.

3.  I finally got new curtains and an oven! Too exciting. The LOFT looks so different.

4. I got lost in town. Trying to drive to Commercial stage from Intercontinental Hotel….. I found myself at City Market, then Stanbic Bank, then Jamia Mosque, not even funny. Then from there, I was to get to Westlands and I got lost in Ngara twice! Then found myself at Muthaiga. By the time I was in the tunnel towards Parklands I was trying to force my tear glands to produce some liquid a.k.a. crying. And nothing was coming out. I got a migrane instead.

5. I spent a few hours with the most amazing little girl. My colleague’s family is visiting from Tanzania and Nyaguthii suggested that we spend time with the 5 year old. I haven’t laughed that much in a while. She was hilarious. We took her for the star jump thingie at the Junction and when she was done and was being lowered to the ground, she squealed, ‘Mamma Mia!” in a proper Italian accent that got us in stitches!

6. I met with GIGs (a slice of Mwafpeeps that includes Shish, Tweetie and Aunty) for our usual Sunday Bible Study. We spent an hour and a half trying to coax our tear glands to produce liquid. It seems that it had been a tough weekend for most of us. Unfortunately, I am the only one who succeeded in this venture and chucked a drop. So we have scheduled an official pity party this Friday. GIGs are ready to cry.

7. I didn’t go to church.

8. Pastor Andrew and his new wife visited the LOFT and they thought they were coming in for a leisurely lunch. And I realised that what Mrs. Adrian has been saying is true. Pastor Andrew is her son and my brother for real. Anyone who I can force to eat lunch in 5 minutes because I have to leave my house and go somewhere else can only be my family.

9.  I realised how much I rely on Skinny’s opinion especially on relationships!

10. I counted my blessings. Tried to name them one by one. They were too many so I moved on to read 4 books in one weekend!