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Mrs. Adrian’s photography skills. NOT


Mrs. Adrian’s photography skills have always been a source of serious comic relief at our home. Especially those days when one had to take photos to a studio for them to be developed. We had  such a blast identifying which photos had been taken by her and their usual characteristics were:

1. Bodies with no faces. You’d see lots of the ground, legs, torsos but nearly all of them had been cut at the neck. If you were shorter than everyone else in the photo, you were very lucky because that meant that you would appear in most photos.

2. Things other than what is in supposed to be in focus occupying a large area of the photograph

3. People being at a weird scale, either too large and big or very very tiny.

I could go on and on but no, let me just show you examples  of the photos she took during the trip to the village:

(Please note that for each of these photos, she had a specific target)

This photo was supposed to be of the dark clouds on the other side of the car. Yes…..

This was a photo of the long road that was ahead of us. Clearly, we were driving in the clouds and trees. The colour on the right side of the photograph is a reflection of a jacket that was on the dashboard.

This was supposed to be a photo of the rice fields. At the speed we were driving, it is great that the shutter closed just when this ‘model’ had just posed…….

A photo of the hills. A quarter of the photo is of a side mirror……….

A photo of cows grazing in the fields

Our (HIpilicious and I) favourite photo. How Mrs. Adrian took a photo of her ear instead of a photo of the scenery, we don’t know…….

However, there were a couple of successful shots.

The road ahead… Pretty clear, not blurred, motorcyclist is somewhere near the middle of the photo….. The blur on the right side of the photo is a blur  of a bug that was R.IP.-ing on the windshield.

A plantation on the side of the road. Mrs. Adrian was also quite pleased with this photo.

Yes, she will be sticking to her day job!