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Pointing Fingers


I have spoken about my two neighbours earlier. What I didn’t mention is that our building has an exact replica on the back side that shares a wall with us. I have never seen the people who live on that side because our gates are on different sides. But I have heard them. On several occassions. Once there was a domestic spat happening and I got to hear everything. Another time when Skinny was visiting, we got to hear some not so interesting noises and had to increase the music volume to VERY LOUD.

Those who know me are aware that I am not a morning person. At all. The first words I speak on any morning are to the security guards at the office at about 9 – 9.30am. If I am not going to the office, the first words I speak will be at about 10am. I just can’t bring myself to be in a good mood in the morning. When I push myself to be all jolly and happy in the morning, my reserves get depleted then I become all grumpy in the evening, when I expect to be on top of the world.

Every morning at 5am, this husband and wife duo wake up to pray. I know it is 5am because I wake up every 4am to take my medicine and just one hour into my second round of sleep, I hear very loud prayers. Pentecostal prayers. I am Pentecostal so I know what I am saying. The kind of loud prayers where every demon is shackled and every arrow of the enemy is sent back to the sender. I appreciate these prayers because it helps me get my morning devotional time going. I feel that if I support them in their prayers, I have sort of done half of my own prayers so I don’t have to wake up as early………..

This has now changed. They now wake up at 4am and then start singing LOUDLY till about 6am. I am okay with the prayers. The singing. No. It cannot be ignored. The lady has a very strong soprano and the guy has a bass to reckon with. Their singing sounds very good. Just not at 4am. I couldn’t believe it the first time. But it has now been about a week. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to make it stop. Short of going to my window and shouting, ‘SHUT UP!’ , I have no idea what to do. By the way, I would never do that. I can easily see Mrs. Adrian doing the same thing and I would prefer it if someone respected her decision to pray/sing loudly and let her know, very politely, that she is disturbing their peace.

I have been fluctuating between feelings of anger – that they are making so much noise so early in the morning – and guilt – that I want them to stop praying and singing – and today I decided to do something about it. I asked Osumi to come over and after exchanging pleasantries, I brought up the topic.

So, do I have new neighbours?

What do you mean?

The people living right across me on the other side…..

Oh, the prayerful ones?

Wow, so you know that they are prayerful?

Don’t you know them? You go to the same church!


Yeah, your other neighbours have complained about them but I thought that if you who lives on the same level with them doesn’t mind their noise……

WHAT!? Do you know that they now sing loudly as well?

But isn’t that how you sing in your church?

Yes, in the church. Not in the house at 4am !!!

Njenva, why are you pointing fingers?

(Actual words said, ‘Njeniva, sasa kama hao ni watu wenu, kwa nini leo unawakana na kusema wako na makelele?)