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Here I am, at 11.30pm and still in the office. Paying for my truancy during the day. Njenva, when will you learn that what you postpone or hide under the carpet doesn’t really go away? ūüė¶

So a couple of people have made my day with their words. I hope I can remember most of them. In no particular order.

Mrs. Adrian (paraphrased)

Njenva: Ma, since I am sleeping over and I didn’t carry my hair net, could I please borrow yours?

Mrs. Adrian: That is fine. Nitavaa suruali kwa kichwa

B Tall

Njenva: Weuwe, Nyaguthii….. B Tall’s got a thing for you

Nyaguthi: Puhliz!!! He can’t handle this (pointing to her body)

B Tall: Usidharau reli. Gari ya moshi hupita juu yake….


So nilikua nataka kuenda kwa ……kwa….. uhhhhhmmmm, ule daktari anaitwaje? Ule gynaecologist wa mifupa.

Pastor Andrew

Njenva: So I am looking to buy t-shirts, please could you help me?

Pastor Andrew: Unataka t-shirts type gani? Zile heavy duty ama zile zina isha kama unatembea….


Njenva: “There is someone selling ‘Ya mede, ya panya’ in the bus”

Hipilicious: Na yule wa ‘Pimbos’?

Mrs. Adrian

Njenva: “I am at a salon and I was hungry….. so I asked for food. Si hii food ni mob!!! Ugali, fried goat and kachumbari”

Mrs. Adrian: Ndio kabisa huko ndiyo kuluzi weit