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Why I love Skinny


This is Skinny when she wasn’t yet skinny. I think she was about 3 years old here.

My sister Skinny is 7 years younger than I am. But most of the time, she behaves like she is 20 years older than me. Or maybe it is because I behave like I am 20 years immature…. ūüôā

Why do I love Skinny?

1. She is honest to a fault. ‘I am not saying that you look fat, I am saying that you are wide and the clothes you are wearing are tight

2. She cooks up a storm. She is very adventurous in the kitchen. This started when she was like 4 years old and my grandma allowed her to use some left over pancake mixture and she invented ‘vijajas‘ which were drops of the pancake mixture on the cooking pan. Over time, she has cooked some amazing combinations of food one would never have thought would be put in the same pot.

3. She has the confidence of a Russian billionnaire. She is always the first to praise herself and tell herself, ‘Wow, Skinny, great job! That vegetable fried rice you cooked was just amazing‘ or ‘Oh my goodness! Skinny you look HOT!‘ . And if you tried to say or do anything to burst her confidence bubble she will tell you point blank, ‘Hey, you are not going to make me feel bad. I refuse it. I am great and there is nothing you can say that will make me change my mind!’

4. Even if you gave her a quarter of your clothing budget, she will definately¬†out-dress¬†you. One of her favourite games to play is ‘Umevaa how much‘ (How much are you wearing?) And she always wins! The lower your clothing budget the higher your chances of winning. There are days she is dressed to the nines in designer clothes and shoes and when you play that game with her, her total budget (not counting underwear) is less than Kshs. 150!

5. She is very clever and smart. Watching documentaries and complicated stuff with her is an abosolute pleasure. She understands stuff very fast and is able to explain it to someone else in such clear terms, it is just amazing. I joined a French class with her and got really frustrated. She became the teachers pet and when the lecturer was upset with our class that was full of slow people, he would just turn to Skinny and say, ‘Skinny, please explain this to them!‘ Thank God no one in our class knew that we are sisters because then the comparison to her would have been horrible!

6. She is very passionate about the enviroment, treating people well and treating cats even better. All the neighbourhood cats congregate at our back door to pay homage to their queen¬†everytime she gets back home. When she travels out of town, somoene has to go out to the back yard and scream at the mewing cats and explain to them that Skinny is not around. One time I was with Skinny in Zanzibar on holiday and at night we went to Forodhani which is where most people have their dinner in the open. We sat at a corner and then the phenomenon that I am so used to started happening. One by one, cats came from all over the gardens and started laying themselves near her feet. She hadn’t even smiled at any one of them. I was so spooked out!

7. She is the only person I know who has kept a¬†cockerel¬†as a pet. And held a funeral service when he was ‘murdered‘ (her words, not mine) for dinner.

8. She’s our go-to-girl when we need someone to be ‘roughed up’ or ‘talked to’! Irony is that she is the tiniest in our family. But if a makanga or a matatu driver has gone out of line, we just tell Skinny. She sorts us out. One time I got into an accident with a matatu and I called Skinny and Hipilicious to come stay with me for support. Skinny went and gave the policeman (who she caught red handed receiving a bribe from the matatu driver) a piece of her mind. Even I was in shock at the things she was saying, ‘Do you even know or understand Kenyan traffic rules?‘ , etc

9. Skinny doesn’t mind it when I sit down and tell her to dance a particular style or try out some dancing style or other. Hipilicious was once cooperative in this aspect but she decided that, ‘who do you think you are sitting down and telling us to dance, do it yourself’ was the way to go. Even though Skinny can’t dance to save her skin, she makes you feel happy when she tries dancing. And to think that there was a year she was selected to participate during the music festival at her high school. And she danced before an audience. What I would have given to watch her!!! It must have been hilarious!

10. She is the person who knows my deepest secrets. The person who understands me and of course has the potential to hurt me the most. She is so mature, I keep on asking her for advise on what to do, how to do it and she has always given me amazing solutions. She feels me so much that I have stopped telling her about negative things that people do to me. Because she will carry it in her and may just run you over if you crossed the road while she is driving…..

I love you SKINNY! Power to the teeth!