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Some things that make me smile


1. Mrs. Adrian calling me ‘Mummy‘. I am still her baby. Even though I look like her big sister…..

2. Adding more kilometers to my run/walk/crawl. Knowing that a few months ago a few kilometers would immobilize me for a few hours – I couldn’t even get out of the car.

3.  Long drives at night around Nairobi with loud music and great company.

4. Hanging out with any of my girls – be it GIGs who I pray with, JINK who I confess all my stupidity to, three legged stool who I laugh with or my evil sisters (Hipilicious and Skinny) who are my best friends ……oh shucks, add my step sister to that gr0up…. This is a story for another day…. (Just noticed that my friends have group names!!!)

5. Eating cabbages, cauliflower or broccoli that has  been prepared just right. SLURP.

6. Swimming – in a pool, an ocean, a basin, WHATEVER. I love water.

7. Doing puzzles, playing charades or board-games with super competitive people. I like getting on their nerves. It is really exciting to watch them trying to control their temper. 🙂

8. Having a good mouth-is-now-too-dry-and-can’t-shut laugh with Superman, Sippa and Headmaster.

9. Planning fun stuff for my friends to do – like I am currently planning an Amazing Race type of activity for a group of couples getting married this year. Let’s see how well they communicate!

10. Playing with my friends kids. They are so precious and innocent. Reminds me of when I was a Sunday School teacher and my favorite kid came and told me, ‘Njenva, I like you and your pimples’ actual words ‘Njenva, nakupenda. Hata mathundo zako’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!