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Taking Care of Stuff


The church I recently joined is running a campaign aimed at stressing the importance of taking care of the things that God has given us. What has He given us? Time, People, Finances, Trees, Water, Electricity, etc.

Last Sunday, the preacher gave a few pointers as to how we should ‘take care of stuff‘:

1. Take a shower. By doing this, you are protecting yourself from any dirt related illnesses. You are also taking care of the welfare of those around you. In other words, thou stinketh not….

2. Plant trees. We need to sustain our environment. The rate at which we are felling trees and not replanting them is scary. If we continue with the same trend, future generations will not have clean water or regular rainfall.

3. Treat people kindly. They are part of God’s creation.

4. Reproduce and fill the earth. Enough said.

5. In your daily ‘bread earning’ activities, work as hard as you can and when you do find time to take a rest, really do take a rest.

6. Don’t misuse the money that you have. Plan it’s usage and spread it out to as many people as possible. We have so that we can give.

7. Turn off water, electricity or any other resource when it is not needed.

He also indicated that there are three kinds of people in regards to taking care of stuff:

a) Those who maintain God’s creation

b) Those who reduce/deplete God’s creation

c) Those who add value to God’s creation


Hipilicious and I watched this short documentary (Please watch when you have the time) and it made so much sense, especially after learning how to take care of stuff.

So how am I going to take care of stuff?

1. I am going to wash Funz at least twice a week. This is a resource that God has given me and most of the time Funz looks like a compost heap.

2. I will ensure that I clean up dishes everyday before I sleep.

3. I will save at least 5% of my gross salary every month.

4. I will not leave water running when brushing my teeth. Same thing to when I am soaping myself in the shower.

5. I will try to sleep with the bedroom lights off for at least half the night.

6. I will look for house plants and maintain them.

7. I will think about the words I speak before saying them so that I don’t hurt people’s feelings.

8. I will stop blogging during office hours! 🙂