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The Derrick Society (TDS)


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The Derrick Society obtained it’s name from the old German detective series ‘Derrick

It is often said that the person you would like to meet is at most, 2 people away from you. You know one person who knows someone who can put you in touch with the person you would like to meet. It is with this same logic that The Derrick Society (TDS) operates. As the Founder Member of TDS, I am always surprised how true this statement usually is.

TDS started as a joke. It is not a registered company or organisations but there are 3 part time employees. One is an IT wizard with a local bank, the other is a recruiter and the last employee is a tax guru with an international firm. No one applied for their positions, they were all approached because of their expertise.

You know that excitement you get when you go to a party, meet a potential girlfriend/boyfriend, talk to the wee hours of the morning and know that you have found yourself a great catch? Then 2 years later when you are thinking of introducing this person to your family you realize that the person you met has been married for over 4 years? Yes, that is the sort of situation that TDS seeks to address before you fall head over heels with a con artist.

TDS conducts preliminary investigation and collects information on:

  1. Whether the subject has his/her affections directed to another subject other than the client
  2. What activities the subject engages themselves in – occupation, hobbies, crimes, etc
  3. Any other information that the client might require

This information is packaged and sent off to the client for their review and onward planning. Sometimes, when the results are very favourable, TDS may arrange for a ‘coincidental’ meet up between the client and the subject.

Okay, that’s a whole load of hogwash. TDS are snoops. The Founder Member is a certified stalker. We poke our noses to people’s lives and get information that is widely available – Google is our best friend. Anyone can be a TDS member, you just need reliable internet connection and voila! The amount of information out there is amazing. And once you hit on a piece of information that can tie in to the 2 people away from you theory, you are home and dry.

However, it is not always rosy. I once had a friend refuse to tell me the name of her new beau because she was scared that I would find information that would burst her new found joy and happiness. Clearly she knew what he was about because that liaison didn’t last more than 1 week.

Great thing about working with TDS, assignments are very few. We are a very selective organization and work with people of sound mind who have no ill intentions towards the subjects. We are trying to achieve world peace. Really.