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Hurrying to do things…..


I am in a total panic mode after realizing that I only have only 18 days before I can try to accomplish my things to do before my next birthday. My birthday is 36 days away but I only have 18 days to try and do everything else that I haven’t achieved…… Wonderwoman is about to be unleashed.

What else do I think I can achieve?

1. Go on a road trip each month? I didn’t go in September. Otherwise all other months are covered.

2. Read or listen to 100 books. I am currently at eighty something. I just need to compile the list and confirm that I am counting right.  I think I can make it. I wonder whether recipe books count?

3. Get a DSLR camera. This might JUST be possible. Crossing my fingers, eyes, toes and hair.

4. Climb Mount Longonot. This is planned for the first week of February. Oh, that it may happen!

Goodness that is it?! I can’t achieve any more than this?

I think for my next year I will try a different approach. Tweetie showed me this method and I thought it was pretty cool. Maybe I should try that! 🙂