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Tweetie’s Mum Said…..


Tweetie, Jumwa and I visited Tweetie’s parents this past weekend. It was a road trip that we had been planning for a while and we were pretty excited to get on the road to Makueni.

I woke up by 5am and even though I tried to hurry the process, Tweetie and Jumwa were ready to leave at a few minutes to  6am. Jumwa was disappointed that we were starting our journey when there was light but really, whose fault was it?

  • Snacks? Check
  • Drinks? Check
  • Playlist? Check
  • Comfortable shoes? Check


And off we were onto Mombasa Road and on the way!

Just before Konza, we found some trucks on the road that were moving slowly. Being the slow driver that I am, I was okay with just following them but my companions were not. Overtake! Overtake!? We also noticed that there was also some traffic from trucks coming in from the opposite side of the road. I asked one what was going on and his advise? “Panda nyasi” As in get off the road and use the rough diversion on the side of the road. I am so glad that we listened to him. Because it was a 15kms traffic jam. Mostly full of trucks!



We took about an hour to pass this stretch and finally got to our destination.

It was a lovely time with Tweetie’s mum and dad! I ate so much and got so sleepy, I had to pray really hard since I was driving back!


Anyway, some of Tweetie’s nephews were visiting and one of them decided to chase a chicken around the compound.

Tweetie’s mum said, “Keti chini! Keti hapo chini! Hiyo kuku ilikua inatega mayai na wewe unaifukuza. Utaketi hapo chini utege mayai!?” (Sit down! Sit down right there! That hen was going to lay an egg and you are chasing it around? Will you sit down right there and lay an egg?”