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Back In Portland!


Someone lied. It cannot be just about to get to summer and I keep on freezing. I didn’t even carry a heavy coat/jacket. 2 weeks later I have gotten used to the weather. Kind of.

Highlights so far:

  • Meeting Pastor Simon during a long transit. We had been on the same flight from Nairobi but didn’t see each other till we bumped into each other at Amsterdam.
  • 24 hour marathon meet up with Waruguru. We got to eat the most exciting ice cream ever. Sea salt, cheese and lavender flavour ice cream. Yeah, that exists…. I really thank God for Waruguru.
  • Trying sushi again and not hating it as much as I did the first time I tried it. Maybe we don’t know how to do it in Nairobi? 🙂
  • Sleeping at the movie theatre while watching Pitch Perfect 2. (Pappa, don’t say a word!) I blame jet lag. Can’t believe I slept when I had been waiting for this movie from last year.
  • Stumbling into a theme park where I got to ride lots of roller coasters.
  • Road trip in Oregon – seeing about 5 new towns. The coast is so pretty and the beaches so beautiful. The water is so COLD.
  • Exercising my new found freedom to speak with random strangers and soften my screen saver face.
  • Eating semi-healthy food. This just means that not all meals are greasy, fried and full of sugar, wheat or salt.
  • Getting a tattoo.
  • Seeing the sun from 5am to 9pm every single day. I really like this part.

Photos later!!!


In unrelated news, Mrs. Adrian went through a successful second round of PRRT treatment. The next round will be in August. Please pray with us about this. She went to India with Skinny. They landed back in Nairobi on Sunday morning and Skinny was off that evening to Nyanza province for work. Early Monday morning, Hipilicious was in horrible pain so she rushed herself to hospital where she was told that she would be having surgery to remove a severely inflamed appendix. DRAMA. Skinny is in Nyanza. I am in Portland. Mrs. Adrian cannot visit hospitals. Thanks to all the friends who filled the gap and went to visit Hipilicious and sorted her out in all the ways that we as her family would if we were on the ground. Nas and your mum, asanteni sana. Sippa, Tweetie, Jumwa, Liza and others – God bless you loads. Hipilicious might be discharged from hospital today. WOOHOO!!!