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Harley Davidson…..


There is someone I know, she was browsing through the classifieds online. She says she was browsing for items for purchase but I think she was browsing for something totally different.

So this person who has refused to learn how to ride a bicycle saw a Harley Davidson for sale. And she decided to engage the seller in a discussion about it. The seller had perfect English, punctuation, the works. The motorcycle is worth about 2 cars. She continued engaging him in discussion about how to purchase and view it.

They now have a meet up planned for her to view the motorcycle. So I asked her what she would say if he requested her to take a quick spin.

  • Story 1 – She recently had a nasty fall from a bike and is very traumatized about it so she’d rather not go on it.
  • Story 2 – She would not like to do that, could she just look at the bike (and him I suppose!) and make her decision?
  • Story 3 – One of her friends really wanted the bike and she has a checklist to evaluate the bike against and doesn’t need to go on it.

The fact that she is already planning what she is going to wear for the meet up and whether the location is conducive (I don’t know for what!) makes me think that she was browsing for something totally different.

When I told her that I was going to blog about her shenanigans, she asked, “Have you seen his photo? Are you sure you don’t want to come check out the bike with me?”

My advise, start small. Then graduate to a Harley Davidson.