Things I am planning for 2013 – 2014. To be done before my next birthday!

1. Lose 20% of my current weight.(At the same weight as at the beginning of the year)

2. Go on a road trip each month (Jan – Kisii <Done>; Feb – Samburu <Done>; Mar – Lamu <Done>; Apr – Malindi <Done>; May – Embu <Done>; June – Capetown <Done>; July – Kinoo 😛 <Done> , August – Nakuru <Done>, September – NO ROAD TRIP , October – Port Albert <Done>, November – Gaborone <Done>, December – Around Addis <Done>, January – Naivasha <Done>, February – Seattle <Done>)

3. Visit at least 5 kids homes and spend time with the kids (3 done, 2 to go)

4. Learn how to put on make up Bought a make up kit. Also bought the brushes. Was to book the classes but I figured it out all by myself. I have decided that I have learnt how to put on make up because Hipilicious said so. And she doesn’t give compliments easily!!

5. Buy curtains for the LOFT (DONE! Woohoo. Getting them tailored and here are the pics!)

6. Join a ministry in my church

7. Visit Mrs.Nyerere, Mrs. Luzuvi, Mrs. Gor, Mrs. Sam and Mrs. Okonda

8. Visit 2 countries I have never visited before (Botswana – done; Ethiopia – done; America – done) 

9. Run half a marathon (Can currently run for 20 mins straight, maybe 2kms? Ha! After the holiday, back to running for only 1 minute)

10. Learn enough French to be able to understand a French movie

11. Read / Listen to 100 books (Done)

12. Learn how to wake up by 6am everyday (Went to 7am, from 8.15am and now at 8.30am. Due to my new job, this might change. Now at 10am because I have meetings till midnight on most nights….)

13. Become a better public speaker by joining Toastmasters

14. Be able to do 50 consecutive push ups

15. Go on a detox diet for 21 days in March, June, September and January (March tried and failed; June passed like a blur!; September started; January DONE!!!!)

16. Get a DSLR camera (Done)

17. Fall in love Who put this here?

18. Climb Mount Longonot

19. Find my primary school friends – Yussra, Patrick and Victor

20. Save at least Kshs. 300,000 in my savings account and keep it there for a rainy day (Went to 50,000… at 0)

21. Read / Listen to the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

22. Treat Mrs. Adrian to an outing every month (Done: Feb, Mar, Apr, May, July – this went BADLY…. So sad)

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    • Woi!!! C25K has been my excuse for not going for Toastmasters…… Will try for next week… About becomng a member, woi.

      No. 17 – Can it happen already!

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